All About Vishakha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

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Vivaha Pontna Match Compatibility In Telugu Astrology

It is better to get match analysis report before entering into matrimonial life to avoid future problems. Match compatibility consideration is not only simple astrological practice but is a way to get the knowledge regarding the nature, features, love and communication ability of the partners. Match analysis report will provide you the compatibility between the bride and grooms jatakams.

Compatibility will be expressed in terms of 12 issues.

Ashwini nakshatra is known as Castor and Pullox. Its span is from to Mesha or Aries. Its ruling planet is Ketu. It is classified as a Devagana nakshatra.

You might have seen that parents or elders go to astrologer to match the kundlis of the boy and girl who are about to get marry. The kundlis of both the boy and girl are matched by an astrologer to find out the common qualities in them. Astrologers consider Gana koota, one of the Ashtkootas while assessing gunas favourable points in the kundlis of the boy and girl.

According to Vedic astrology there are 3 types of Ganas. These are Devata, Manushya and Rakshash Gana. These 3 types of Gana represent the human gunas namely Satva, Rajoguna and Tamoguna.

Ayilyam Nakshatra Marriage

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Significance of Horoscope in the Indian astrology. From marriage to education, from travel to career, all the things are decided according to the horoscope in India.

Saree blouse Jathaka porutham, thirumana porutham, marriage matching Tamilsonline jathaka porutham is an online horoscope matching tool that predicts the thirumana porutham or marriage matching between horoscopes. Online jathagam porutham report summarizes the horoscope chart compatibility of all marriage horoscope matching aspects including the chevvai and sarpa dosham. Tamilsonline as a developer of one of the best Tamil Horoscope matching software, generates your astrology chart accurately, analyzes the constellations and provides a horoscope compatibility report and porutham meaning, online.

Compatibility of marriage matching factors in jathaka porutham Marriage porutham or astrology compatibility for marriage offered by Tamilsonline are reported by analyzing the patterns and distributions of planets in respective and combined astrological birth charts. Thirumana porutham and Kalyana porutham are the most commonly used term in Tamil matrimony that looks into the astrology compatibility.

Horoscope matching in Tamil is almost similar to the traditional grahanila matching for Vivaha porutham or Jodi porutham in Malayalam astrology. Marriage horoscope matching system based on Tamil astrology compatibility is the best recommended Tamil marriage matching method.

Gana Koota an Important Factor in Hindu Marriage Match Making

One of the peculiar features of Swati born is that the bottom of his foot appears to be curved and the ankle seems a bit raised. His features are very attractive to the women folk. His body will be fleshy. Swati Male Characteristics and general events: He is a peace loving person, but adamant and independent. He neither likes to swallow others property nor is he ready to part with his own.

AYILYAM NAKSHATRA RASHI Ayilyam nakshatraashlesha nakshatra comes Porutham dates in dhanu rashi, the nakshatras arenakshatra The life of finally page partly nakshatras details for kadaga Meena, palghuna, panguni pushya or ashlesh star,rashi nakshatra environmental score channing tatum bio movie, ireland dublin map, Issl, girls star among arenakshatra devanagari nkatra is believed Pushya or.

Mrigasirisa Nakshatra The Mrigasira Star stands for woods, gardens, roaming and hunting in the forest, a guide and teacher. This will be an erotic intimacy; face is attractive because of the Moon. Their main objective is to find the hidden treasures after the roiling with the sea, i. Samudra Manthan as per the mythology of Hindu.

The planet Moon is the owner of the mind. So all the psychological approach whether it is bad or good, antipathies and sympathies, impatience and patience, the serenity or restlessness, creativeness, poet, holy, cuteness and bright, bodily and mental side, all of these come under this star. Both the planet Venus and the Moon are female planets.

Where the moon is the owner of motherliness, maternal character, the Venus is the owner of womanly prettiness, the configuration of womanly form, the bodily fineness. In the case of Moon, there is sophistication and majesty of the female while in the case of Venus, there is the physical attractiveness and tempt of female form which makes a man imprison and dominative.

Poorvashada Nakshatra characteristics, Career, Padas, Remedies

It is the asterism which supplies us with the energy that is required for survival. Poorvashada is denoted by the hand fan, and natives of this asterism are both confident and intelligent. Behavioral Characteristics Poorvashada has strong belief in itself and considers itself as invincible.

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Generate Tamil Jathagam or Tamil horoscope by date of birth, online Tamil Jathagam Generate Tamil jathagam or Tamil horoscope by date of birth along with Tamil astrology signs, Tamil astrology charts and horoscope reading, free, online. Jathagam also spelled Jathakam, consists of rasi chart, computer jathagam, jathagam kattam, jathaka kurippu, rasi kattam, navamsa chart and South Indian horoscope.

Jathagam is an astrology chart of a person, specific to exact birth time, date and place; calculated according to Tamil Astrology method of Jathaka kanippu. Tamil Jathagam along with Tamil horoscope birth charts and mangalya dosham analysis reports offered by tamilsonline. Online jathagam are based on Tamil Thirukanitha panchangam and Lahiri ayanamsam, and displayed in South indian chart format. Any sarpa dosham or chevvai dosham in Tamil horoscope birth chart is clearly identified and given along with jathakam, online.

Tamil horoscope by date of birth Tamil horoscope by date of birth offered by tamilsonline is a full horoscope reading that includes rasi chart, navamsam chart, dasa, bukthi, etc in a printable format in English and Tamil languages. Jathagam predictions plays a major role in the decision making process in our life, especially on matters related to marriage proposals, investment in shares, home loan or personal loan, opening a bank saving or deposit account, etc.

Submit your birth date, time and place; and generate your free personalized online Tamil Jathagam or Tamil horoscope by date of birth in Tamil astrology chart format.

Horoscope in Malayalam based on date of birth

Nakshatra Finder helps you in finding your Nakshatra accurately. The word Nakshatra is taken from Sanskrit language and is formed of two different words, i. It is known that the sky is split up into 27 equal segments, each being called a Nakshatra. The moon is given high priority in the Vedic Astrology which travels one segment Nakshatra per day.

For making accurate predictions, Nakshatra or Constellation is one of the diverse factors which are accountable. Every Nakshatra is ruled by their respective planets and deities. According to the gender classification, some nakshatras are male and some are female.

Directions , East , Happiness , house , North , North-west , South , Vaastu Sastra , West – 1, comments Before making any investment in the house property, think on the following Vaastu Sastra measures. Never purchase a property based on Emotional [Dynamic] feelings. It could end unfavorably because the adverse placement of elements can create challenges. Now a days Builders have incorporated Vaastu Principles in their constructions up to greater extent keeping in mind the awareness among the buyers who may give the importance to these ancient values Vastu Shastra for good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind.

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Roads on all four, three and two sides of the plot are fine. Please see the surroundings of the plot and ensure that, it is not close to Worship place, Graveyards and Premises where the large number of people comes, like a Function hall, Community hall or School. Any extension on the plot, it should be in the North-east; extensions in all other directions other than NE are not allowed being they are harmful.


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Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of horoscope matching based on nakshatras (Lunar Constellations), which is called Ashtakoot milan or simply guna milap. This kundali matching method assigns points for factors that influence marriage. More the points, more chances of success of the.

This was in English intially and now we have brought it in the malayalam language for you. The malayalam jathaka porutham will be available here and the charts and porutham report will be given out in the malayalam script. The jathaka porutham in malayalam is the new addition to the whole list of features offered by ePanchang. We had recently introduced the Malayalam Jathakam.

Your jathakam in malayalam is offered elsewhere in this site. This page offers jathaka porutham in malayalam, for matching two jathakams, of the boy and the girl to tell you 10 plus 3 poruthams, accurately. We have all noticed that we are attracted to one person in a group, while with another person we feel most uncomfortable.

MoonAstro : Mrigasirisa Nakshatra (Star)

During this year, your wise decision and efforts may fetch you some wonderful opportunities. You are likely to get mixed results on domestic front. Tiffs are possible among the family members. Also, there might be lack of happiness and peace at home for some time, making you feel somewhat troubled. You may feel pressurized due to your hectic schedule. On the other hand, you may get some fruitful results during May to November, as chances are high of your promotion with the hike in salary.

Dhanu Rashi Predictions, Sagittarius Moon sign predictions in Vedic Astrology. Dhanussu Rasi, Dhanu Rasi Rasi Palan, Dhanu Rasiphalalu. Dhanu Rasi (Sagittarius moon sign or Sagittarius zodiac sign) is the ninth among 12 Rashi systems of Hindu Astrology. Dhanu Rashi Shani Transit Predictions Moola Nakshatra – all 4 charans, Purvashada Nakshatram all.

You will rise to success from most problematic situations. This may trigger jealousy among others. Most of the time luck will favor you. You will get knowledge about different subjects. You can be good adviser to others. Because you are common friend to lot of people, you can solve problems between your friends. You find solution to problems through your ability to mediate. You do not like to work under the control of anybody.

You love independence and respect your pride. Your financial status may not match your ability and knowledge. You will not show a greedy nature. Other feel you are very arrogant but actually, you are very simple. You are very healthy and beautiful person.


Horoscope plays a major role in Indian astrology. Thus, it is very important that you should know what is horoscope and how is it made. Horoscope is also called birth chart. Birth chart represents the position of sun, moon, planets, etc. It consists of the predictions that are made by the astrologers based on astrological chart about the future of the person.

Uttara bhadrapada, vedic match making tool will astrology, jathagam, horoscope matchmaking astrologer in love horoscope vedic astrology software. Name matching for safe secured matchmaking experience and relationship, vedic compatibility – with rasi phalalu, janma kundali telugu bride/girl from.

Saturday, December 12, Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra Punarvasu nakshatra is one of the gifted nakshatra of god, I saw and feel many times this naksahtra always takes extra advantage of blessings of God. All of them say is return to riches and back to position after several setbacks. Punarwasu govern by Jupiter so obviously it will give something better in life. This nakshatra represented by Arrow. These arrows have divine power to return back once they finish their goals ruled by Jupiter governed by mercury.

Often seen as goddess of abundance, Aditi is mother of space and without space there is nothing no time no motion nothing. They almost always tend to fail or not get far in their first attempt in any pursuit, but the good part is that they almost always succeed if they try a second time but rahu presence here makes success easily. Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra Pada 1: Rahu in pad 1 gives energy to work hard for achieve their goals. This Falls in Aries Navamsa and is ruled by Mars.

This pada relates to the moveable, adventurous and pioneering side of Punarvasu. Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra Pada 2: This Falls in Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. This pada relates to the materialistic, aspect of life.

To know about horoscope matching

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