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To access these please email discreet leggett. Situated in the Herault department of Languedoc-Roussillon new name Occitanie my house is half an hour from the sea and 20mins to the hills – It’s hard to beat!. The gastronomy of the area is based on typical local produce, market stalls brimming over with an abundance of freshly picked, aromatic herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables, freshly caught fish and seafood straight from the Mediterranean, locally produced olive oil and cheese all washed down with the amazing choice of very good wine produced on your doorstep. There are a multitude of cultural and natural places of interest to discover with long sandy beaches along the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the Cevennes mountains in the north, caves, precipitous gorges, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, breathtaking valleys, spectacular views and an abundance of vineyards in between. Beautiful medieval circulade villages, centuries-old abbeys and chateaux. Barcelona by car 3 hours via the A9 that stretches all the way from Italy to Spain.

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Share The Latin word persona was originally used to denote the mask worn by an actor. From this it was applied to the role he assumed, and, finally, to any character on the stage of life, to any individual. This article discusses 1 the definition of “person”, especially with reference to the doctrine of the Incarnation ; and 2 the use of the word persona and its Greek equivalents in connection with the Trinitarian disputes.

Substantia — “Substance” is used to exclude accidents:

In Montpellier, where the sun almost always shines ( days of sunshine a year!), the Promenade du Peyrou is a beautiful spot to cool off. Due to its higher elevation, the Promenade often catches a pleasant breeze. It also offers a beautiful view of the hinterland and coastline. Various monuments.

The discovery of the whale bones in the ruins of a Roman fish processing factory located at the strait of Gibraltar also hints at the possibility that the Romans may have hunted the whales. Prior to the study, by an international team of ecologists, archaeologists and geneticists, it was assumed that the Mediterranean Sea was outside of the historical range of the right and gray whale.

Aerial view of some of the fish-salting tanks cetaria in the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia, near today’s Tarifa in Spain. Bernal-Casasola, University of Cadiz. Academics from the Archaeology Department at the University of York used ancient DNA analysis and collagen fingerprinting to identify the bones as belonging to the North Atlantic right whale Eubalaena glacialis and the Atlantic gray whale Eschrichtius robustus. After centuries of whaling, the right whale currently occurs as a very threatened population off eastern North America and the gray whale has completely disappeared from the North Atlantic and is now restricted to the North Pacific.

Whales are often neglected in Archaeological studies, because their bones are frequently too fragmented to be identifiable by their shape…Our study shows that these two species were once part of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem and probably used the sheltered basin as a calving ground. The findings contribute to the debate on whether, alongside catching large fish such as tuna, the Romans had a form of whaling industry or if perhaps the bones are evidence of opportunistic scavenging from beached whales along the coast line.

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This positioning close to the mountain gave the town its name that was initially Campendut which means steep hill; cam: Capendu is, like many urban communities of the region, a circular defensive town. Surrounding the town’s center is a defensive wall and houses – built outside of this fortified line – disposed in rings around the town’s core. While there are traces of human inhabitance of the area dating from the 4th century BC and in antique times the Romans build Via Aquitania – a road linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic – near the nowadays Capendu, the town itself has medieval origins being first mentioned in documents in the 11th century.

It bears the name of a Visigoth King, Alaric who some say was buried here.

Take Montpellier, where mountains and The Mediterranean aren’t too far away! This is a quickly growing city known for its universities, as about one-fourth of its citizens are students. The centre historique is a medieval area with marbled alleys like L’Ancien Courrier.

Life in Montpellier Montpellier – a vibrant city Along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in southern France, Montpellier has everything it takes to please. A lively and surprising city in the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, Montpellier is vibrant, elegant and artistic. Its sunny climate and well-preserved historical environment are second to none, nestled between the sea, vineyards and mountain landscapes.

Known internationally for its world-class universities, whose long-standing tradition dates back the middle ages, Montpellier is well practiced in the art of welcoming people. Montpellier today is a leading destination for studies, business tourism and vacation. Climate Montpellier has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, wet winters, and very warm, dry summers. It is considered the sunny capital of France, as there is an average of sunny days per year.

The weather in June is generally sunny and pleasant, with a daily mean temperature of 21oC 70oF. Transportation You can get around Montpellier and the surrounding area by tramway, bus, bicycle, two-wheeled vehicles, foot, tourist train, rental car and taxi.

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Montpellier is, at any time, the most seductive city in the French south — elegant, cultured and tolerant, with Mediterranean blood coursing through its veins and dynamism to spare. Lacking industry, the place has majored on brains and bravura. World-class architects are forever turning up to add showpieces.

Things to See in the Languedoc: Historic Cities: Carcassonne (Carcassona): History The Pre-Roman Period Carcassonne lies on what must have been an important communication link, even in .

In modern geography, it is applied to the north-west arm of the Indian Ocean, some miles long and lying between Arabia on the east and Africa on the west. Its greatest width is miles, and its greatest depth about fathoms. At Ras Mohammed, in lat. The Red Sea receives no river of importance, and is noted for its heat. Formerly its commerce was great, and it has much increased since the opening of the Suez Canal in It has been variously explained by the red corals it contains; by the colour of the Edomite and Arabian Mountains, bordering its coasts; by the glow of the sky reflected in its waters; by the word edom red , which the Greeks may have rendered literally; by the name of King Erythras, who reigned in the adjacent country.

The Scriptural references to the Red Sea are directly connected with its northern gulfs. Those which concern the Gulf of Akabah, on the north-west, are comparatively few and unimportant. The Scriptural references to the Gulf of Suez, on the north-east, are on the contrary both numerous and important, for it is the miraculous passage of that arm of the Red Sea which is described in Ex. Brugsch and others have indeed argued that the water which was dried up to let Israel pass was the northern end of the Sirbonian Bog, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and the south-west extremity of Chanaan, but this theory is untenable because contrary not only to the statements of the Biblical narratives but also to the recent discoveries which have settled the position of Gessen, whence the Israelites set out for Palestine.

Again, Beke and others have advanced the view that the eastern arm of the Red Sea, i. But this view also is inconsistent with the most natural interpretation of the Biblical data concerning the Exodus.

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Fires and wars damaged the construction many times. During the Revolution, it was used as a venue for different political events. The present building of the Opera House is the work of four talented architects, the so called “four musketeers” – Avinaud, Jullian, Coste and Baussan. Many other famous sculptors, architects and other masters worked on the building that is one of the main architectural monuments in Montpellier

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Peirgnan is in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the southwestern part of France. The region includes Roman ruins, castles and history dating back before the Roman times , vineyards, olive orchards, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Seashore. Two rivers, the Tet and the Basse, flow through the town that is a combination of the old town with its narrow winding streets and current structures with many plazas, squares and shops.

Some of the squares have farmers and artist markets during the week. The town of Perpignan can be seen as a retirement haven with its proximity to the mountains for hiking and skiing, the beaches for swimming and water sports, the many festivals, museums and historical structures for exploration and a variety of shops. There are nearly days of sunshine during the year.

The extensive number of restaurants serve some of the finest French and Catalan cuisines and wines in the region. The high speed rail system provides easy and fast access to Barcelona, Montpellier and Paris. Rugby is a favorite in the town and there are two well-known teams that make Perpignan their home.

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Roquebrun The village itself is rather ordinary – but what makes Roquebrun so exquisite is its location, climbing up the banks of Languedoc’s beautiful river orb, with mountains rising behind it, and a lovely stone bridge crossing just where the river becomes a gently stepping weir where people swim in summer. Or rent a canoe and paddle under the bridge. There is a ‘Tropical Garden’ just aboove the village, full of plants that take advantage of Roquebrun’s hotter microclimate.

It’s here, just a few kilometres from Spain, that you find Collioure. A trip to Perpignan or the Priory of Serrabone. Marseillan Marseillan is a sweet fishing village that plays host to seafood restaurants that line the port.

We will meet in Montpellier, the main city of the region, where we will spend the night the first and the last night of the tour. It is an exciting city that combines and ancient and well-preserved city centre with modern architecture by the famous Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

Herod Antipas made it the capital of his realm in the Galilee and named it for the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Tiberias was at first a strictly pagan city, but later became populated mainly by Jews, with its growing spiritual and religious status exerting a strong influence on balneological practices. Antipas settled many non-Jews there from rural Galilee and other parts of his domains in order to populate his new capital, and built a palace on the acropolis.

The crowd seeking Jesus after the miraculous feeding of the used these boats to travel back to Capernaum on the north-western part of the sea. Tzippori became the major Jewish cultural centres, competing within the Jewish world for status and recognition with Babylon , Alexandria , Aleppo and the Persian Empire. The Sanhedrin , the Jewish court, also fled from Jerusalem during the Great Jewish Revolt against Rome, and after several attempted moves, in search of stability, eventually settled in Tiberias in about CE.

When Johanan bar Nappaha d. The Mishnah , the collected theological discussions of generations of rabbis in the Land of Israel — primarily in the academies of Tiberias and Caesarea — was probably compiled in Tiberias by Rabbi Judah haNasi around CE. In light of this, a letter of Syriac bishop Simeon of Beth Arsham urged the Christians of Palaestina to seize the leaders of Judaism in Tiberias, to put them to the rack, and to compel them to command the Jewish king, Dhu Nuwas , to desist from persecuting the Christians in Najran.

In , the Byzantine army returned to Tiberias upon the surrender of Jewish rebels and the end of the Persian occupation after they were defeated in the battle of Nineveh. A year later, influenced by radical Christian monks, Emperor Heraclius instigated a wide-scale slaughter of the Jews, which practically emptied Galilee of most its Jewish population, with survivors fleeing to Egypt.

The Caliphate allowed 70 Jewish families from Tiberias to form the core of a renewed Jewish presence in Jerusalem and the importance of Tiberias to Jewish life declined. Tiberias was revitalised in , after Bet Shean was destroyed in an earthquake. One of the leading members of the Tiberian masoretic community was Aaron ben Moses ben Asher , who refined the oral tradition now known as Tiberian Hebrew.

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This beautiful walled city on the Adriatic Sea will instantly transport you back to the Middle Ages, when it was the only city on the Adriatic to rival Venice. While Dubrovnik is still a functioning seaport, these days its primary trade is tourism.

Once a historic centre, dating from as far back as BC, the city has undergone significant rejuvenation since it was announced as the European Capital of Culture for This once quiet city has transformed, with state-of-the-art transportation systems, five star hotels, and some of the most interesting amenities and attractions in the country. There are 7 days with rainfall this month, meaning, of course, that there are also 23 days without rainfall.

Temperature Temperatures begin to drop as the summer transforms into autumn. These percentages are still categorised as “mostly clear”, although it is obvious that the weather begins to move toward autumn now. The sky slowly gets cloudier, sunshine gradually decreases. All rooms have sound-proofed windows to ensure a good night’s sleep, and breakfast is served up each morning.

The staff here are very knowledgeable and are more than happy to recommend attractions, eateries, and bars in the vicinity. It lies on Saint Ferreol Street, a nice pedestrianised street in the city centre. Many attractions are within walking distance, ideal for exploring the city while enjoying the warm September weather. It is located a five-minute walk from the Old Port as well as the beach. It’s housed in a striking building that incorporates a 19th-century structure and modern architecture.

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