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In A Wedding finden die beiden wieder zu einander und heiraten mit Brittany und Santana auf einer Doppelhochzeit. Da die Chemie zwischen den beiden von Anfang an stimmt, entwickelt sich zwischen ihnen schnell eine enge Freundschaft. Kurts voller Terminplan bei Vogue. In Trennung ist der Liebe Tod? Kurt fragt was los ist und Blaine gesteht ihm, dass er etwas mit einem anderen Eli C. Blaine flirtet mit ihm und bittet dessen Vater um Erlaubnis, Kurt zu fragen,ihn zu heiraten. Die beiden finden in A Wedding wieder zusammen und heiraten mit Brittany und Santana auf einer Doppelhochzeit.

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Story time The two young boys were walking down the corridors of McKinley high. Kurt was holding the strap to his bag tight with nerv As they were walking Kurt was scanning the hallways that had remained the same as when he left.

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When not globetrotting, Donovan loves hosting gatherings, especially outdoor movie patio nights. I totally turned away when Shu and Beiste too! Chico Totally didnt see that coming with the kiss! Oh dear God, why did I say that? I am definitely enjoying the new additions to the cast. And I think the kiss with the football player was a good twist, and again keeps the show interesting. Too much of her can sometime be a bit much, and last night was great cause we only got a couple snippets of her.

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Not So Stereotypical Chapter Six: Tonight “Things have been getting complicated You’ve only been dating for almost two weeks. What can get complicated? He’s not even trying to open up. He’s barely even kissed me in the past two days.

He knows that Blaine still loves Kurt, and rather than stand in the way of that, Karofsky ends it with Blaine and gives him his blessing. While I love the redemption arc that Karofsky has had, from self loathing bully to self confident out gay man, this was a really easy way out.

If you just want to talk about the show, stop by our Glee Forum. It also spawned a British singing contest called “Don’t Stop Believing” yes, with the ‘g’ that lasted six episodes in summer , was won by the only team who sang Barbra Streisand , and has never been mentioned since. Please note that The Glee Project has its own page, so don’t put examples from that here. Most notably was any Finn story lines occurring past season 4, since between season 4 and 5 Cory Monteith passed away.

The only time Sue calls Emma by her correct name is in the pilot. Sue appears to not do this purely out of malice.

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Breaking the Fourth Wall: Done a couple of times. We’re even fighting in our voiceovers. A truly hilarious one in the start of 4. Brittany, who are you talking to?

When it happened, when it will happen. Now, then and in the future.

Someone finds a box full of props and costumes and everyone gets dolled up and has an amazing time. Afterwards, Kurt walks Blaine out and they both agree that they still love singing together. You know what else they still like to do together? Blaine then runs off, leaving Kurt to process it all. Rachel gives Sam the dimmers as he soulfully sings about love and the passing of time. Switch to a montage of crew helping Rachel take down her picture wall, and transfering it all to albums.

While Coach Beiste is working late in the locker room, he gets a surprise visit from Unique. Coach Beiste just wants to be like everyone else, but there is no one else like him to look to, or connect with. Back at Carmel High, Clint has had the wealthy boosters reinstate him to Vocal Adrenaline and there is nothing Will can do. Will, is surprisingly ok with this. He has an idea for an epic prank to pull on the New Directions kids.

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Prev Next Complete Series Coverage In the first few moments of the first episode of Glee’s final season, we see Rachel standing on the Paramount lot, forlornly watching as the sets of her canceled TV series are taken down and broken up into scrap lumber. Everything ends, including and especially television shows, and soon Glee will, too. But judging by last night’s two strong episodes, Glee might just manage to go out with a bang.

Look, I know that at this point, having written about the show for three seasons and having fallen in and out of love with it over and over, I’m pretty much the girl who cried wolf when it comes to announcing that Glee is BACK. But trust me when I say that last night’s episode was funny, smart, extremely meta, and genuinely touching at times if unfortunately preoccupied with fat-shaming jokes.

Kurt and Blaine have broken up; Blaine has returned to Lima, taken over the Warblers, and begun dating Dave Karofsky; and Rachel’s TV pilot crashed and burned, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her own life and reboot the New Directions, which Sue now terribly evil again after briefly dabbling in niceness destroyed.

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Bella had cancer when she was seven and survived. Now over eleven years later it’s back. The day she plans to tell the Cullens they leave her behind in Forks and break her heart. Two years later when she goes to Alaska for treatment, she meets another coven of vampires who have another chance at love and family. What if Reborn was just a little too bored? What if the Conqueror met Chaos personified?

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Finn accompanies Rachel to the doctor who tells her she should be grateful for the accident because now she has the glorious opportunity of fixing her jewish shnoz. Worst doctor ever award right over here? What doctor encourages their teenage patients to get a nose job? When Rachel comes to class announcing plans of a nose job to improve her voice, Schue uses this as an excuse to teach a lesson on acceptance.

And kind of a crappy friend.

Karofsky claims that he doesn’t know what Blaine is talking about, but Blaine replies: “It seems you might be a little confused. It’s totally normal. This is a hard thing to come to terms with.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Dave is first seen on the field during a football game. In the locker room, a fight breaks out between the Glee guys and the players. Dave stubbornly announces that he refuses to block for Finn due to his being in the Glee Club. After a brutal group slushie attack on Artie, Dave and the jocks are sent to the choir room where they and the Glee kids are shocked and angered by Mr. Schue’s and Coach Beiste’s announcement that the jocks are to be in Glee Club for an entire week, no exceptions.

After a few rehearsals, Dave seems a little less intimidated by the thought of being a Glee Club loser.

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