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Originally posted by chansebaeksboyslove You had a long day with Jackson your boyfriend. He took you on a date which you guys havent had time for in months because of his busy schedule. The night was over and it was time to relax and cuddle but you insisted that you shower first. You left your phone on the nightstand on your side of the bed while Jackson changed into some pajama pants. You walked out the bathroom refreshed and stretched. You squealed and did a cute pose for him.

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Mark made you stay at the dorm as it was pouring down outside. The two of you had only been dating for two months, you got really nervous about sleeping in the same bed as Mark, but Mark was very sweet about it. He even offered to sleep on a mattress on the floor, but you convinced him that you were fine.

Jackson Wang as a Boyfriend -Both in Personality and Zodiac. Jackson is an Aries -Jackson being cute and feeding you “Baobei! Open wide you need to be healthy! Never skip a meal!” -As an Aries.

Requested by a lovely anon! BamBam sat with his hands wrapped around your stomach, resting his head on the top of yours. It had been difficult keeping it a secret, both of you lying through your teeth to the other members and sneaking around like you were ashamed of your relationship. As quickly as you could you pulled away his arms, trying to stand up and get away from the position that would most definitely give your relationship away.

Bambam scurried aside, hands up in the air as you tried to give an explanation. I saw you two cuddling!! They both saw you two. He was just so cute when he was like that. Look at that smile on their face! You hated the heat that spread across your face and to your ears, hated the obvious embarrassment at their joy of seeing you two together.

You looked back over to BamBam to see his eyes wide, blush still on his face, looking to you for answers. His face seemed to be saying, might as well tell them.

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The ten active lemon writers, regardless of writing specialty, that I consider to be the ten best lemon writers on this site Excluding Myself: Fairy Tail lemons, particularly involving Natsu 4. Fairy Tail Lemons 6. Fairy Tail Lemons 8. Fairy Tail Lemons 9.

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Jackson Imagine – Falling Ft. Dating Jackson Wang was good. You loved it and you loved him. Mark made butterflies flutter in your stomach and you hated it. You were supposed to be in love with Jackson and not having feelings for his best friend. Every time Jackson said he loved you or kissed you, a pang of guilt would flow through you as you thought of your conflicting emotions.

You let out a sigh as the doorbell rang. When you opened the door, you were met with the exact face you least wanted to see right now. I actually came here to see you. A really bad idea. The two of you had been playing video games but as you both got bored, Mark suggested watching a movie. It would be so easy to just lean into his touch and cuddle him.

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Usually it is very loud. Since day one, everything was loud because you were the one who dared to touch a fatty puffy worm and place it in your hand. How unfortunate or fortunate your choice, you could hear it. You seem scared to me! Jackson hesitantly took a step back, eyes widened at the creature, then shot up to you. This cheeky side of you stunned him, especially the way you bit the corner of your bottom lip in mischief.

“It’s a date Jackson dates normal don’t include friends unless it’s a double date ” “BUT IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN Y/N!” In the end you’d probably end up .

Least Most Jackson has said many times how he would date someone with tan skin. He would definitely date a Hispanic girl. He would love your appearance. Jackson would always love to learn Spanish and more about your Hispanic culture. Bambam would also date a Hispanic girl. I could see him loving your culture and wanting to learn your language better. He would also love the color of your skin. Yugyeom loves other cultures. I could see him dating a Hispanic girl and him loving the food, language, and culture.

He would also love the appearance of your body. Mark would date a Hispanic. Tbh I can see him dating many different races. He would love to learn more about your culture and even relearn Spanish for you. Youngjae would date a Hispanic but I think he would be hesitant at first jut because of the language and culture differences.

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You have an overly possessive boyfriend who made you ignore your best friend and longtime crush Jackson. I Missed You Pairing: Why did he have to keep trying? In an attempt to push your problems away, you closed the app and threw your phone to the other side of the couch. Tears prickled your eyes as the phone kept buzzing and only spilled when the buzzing finally stopped.

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Jackson x Reader Genre: This is actually so cute I hope you enjoy! In fact, you avoided confrontation as best as you could have. You hated the thought of making someone upset or angry with you, and you hated the thought about getting into an arguement with someone. The mere thought of someone feeling negative towards you made your heart turn. And Jackson knew this all too well. Though he may be similar in most ways, he hated seeing you hurt.

He cared too much for you to let you get walked all over, especially when deep down he knew you would never stick up for yourself. He held your hand tightly, keeping you close to him as you walked through crowds and crowds of fans, fans you knew loved and cared for Jackson more than anything, just as you did. But for some reason, the fans never enjoyed you.

You needed softly, a smile forming on his face as he continued to hold you close, making it out to the other side of what seemed to be a sea of fans, with both of you still in tact.


Smut with a little fluff Word Count: His hand slid up your thighs to your torso, quickly sliding off your shirt before taking his own off. The two of you locked lips again as you unhooked your bra, releasing your breasts. Jackson leaned against you so it was now skin on skin.

Dating Jackson Wang Would Include: •Lot’s of skinship •I mean it •Cuddles 25/8 •He needs to be the center of attention •Would get all pouty if you paid attention to the other members and not.

Our usually quite baby will chose this time to completely open up about his feelings to you. He would talk to you about this for hours to make sure you understand. This past week I was a wreck without you to talk to. Just please talk to me again. He would be pissed. He had given you space when you stopped talking to him because he thought you needed to sort out your feelings before coming back to him.

Not having any of this shit.

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My feet stumbled over each other as he plowed through bystanders, children, other animals, all the while wagging his tail. I cursed at myself as I continued my embarrassing jog. Mosby belonged to my elderly neighbor, Mrs. Kim, who had sprained her ankle and could no longer take Mosby on his regular morning walks.

Originally posted by gsvnrewind – once he saw you, he had to talk to you – best friends in the matter of days – cute nicknames even before you started dating.

See the end of the chapter for notes. Chapter Text It was the night before their contractual ban against dating was lifted. Jinyoung doubted this fact would change in less than 6 hours. Yet he continued to stare out the window in numb thought, wondering if anything could change. He thought to himself about how the fans would react if he walked outside with his girlfriend under his arm. He scoffed at himself. It was impossible for him to truly be himself in the public eye anyways.

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A couple minuets passed by and the door to the dressing room slowly opened, all the laughter from the various groups and the discussions between producers from the other side of the door came flooding in. The voices of multiple guys met your ears as they entered the room. You managed to compose yourself and calm down a bit. Being part of their staff team it meant you got to know them very well and found out all their little quirks and habits.

The neighbors already were used to you two fighting. It was dark outside and you were wearing only a cardigan, wanting to go inside finally. But Jackson had a long discussion planned instead. Yes, I broke up with you but we are still close. What you are doing is just plain stupid. Even though you hated the situations when he spoke with that voice, the voice itself was a huge turn on.

His face looked flawless in the warm street lights and you tried hard to think about something else than his good looks. We are discussing my love life. You have no say in this anymore. It has been two months since the two of you broke up, trying to stay friends because you share the same group of friends.

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With the way KPOP was becoming more and more popular in the States, it seemed like the first Americans were starting to become proud of knowing that some of their own were out there in this industry and actually being successful as well Mark was one of these people. And he should have known that the question of his girlfriend would come up and that the person who interviewed him would be way nosier than the Korean interviewers were.

That was what he had promised you, as soon as the news about him dating had started going around.

I hope you like it! You cursed your earlier self for deciding to do both arms and legs that day, because you were pretty sure that now the rest of your day would be spent lying on the floor and groaning in pain. However, you were still high on the rush of working out, it being the only thing propelling you home. You were too focused on your thirst to notice his eyes sweeping across your sweaty figure, spandex tightly sealing to your thighs, wisps of hair abandoning your ponytail and sticking to your forehead.

You threw your gym bag on the floor of your bedroom, immediately kicking off your shoes and pulling out your hair band to let your long locks of hair fall onto your shoulders. Jackson had silently pushed open the bedroom door just when you peeled off your tight tank top, tossing it on the ground in a heap. In his mind your movement turned to slow motion.

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