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Barring last-minute setbacks and disasters, version 1. Remember to leave a can of Red Bull on the mantelpiece for Plunky Claus and to update your drivers. They will relaunch with version 1. Hiccups and hurdles may present themselves. But perhaps Plunky Claus considers not updating your drivers to be bad behaviour and will leave an M in your airdrop. Plunkbat, to refresh your memory, is a competitive multiplayer shooter which drops players solo, in duos, or in squads of up to four over an 8x8km map to wander and drive around settlements and houses looking for weapons, items, and upgrades to murder each other to bits. The only persistent unlocks are clothes, with everything else found and lost each round.

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NA Server NA World of Warplanes – massively multiplayer online game dedicated to the golden era in the history of military aviation. The project continues a “war saga “, which was initiated tank hit World of Tanks. In World of Warplanes players rise from the smoke -covered tracks and pitted battlefields in the sky – to join the ongoing struggle for dominance in the air.

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First daily victory with the vehicle Coefficient of 2 No Exiting battle during loading screen or countdown No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn XP e. No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn credits e. Exiting battle after countdown There is a penalty for XP earning, but only if the tank has not yet been destroyed.

Also, if the tank was not destroyed before exiting, further XP can be earned passively while it remains on the battlefield, e. Credits as earned, there is no penalty. If the tank was not destroyed before exiting, further credits can be earned passively while it remains on the battlefield, e. Team Damage inflicted Small penalty, supposedly twice the amount of XP you would receive for causing the same amount of damage to the enemy.

Penalty to an amount of four times the repair costs required to fix the damage that was inflicted, limited by the total amount earned during battle. Team Damage received None. Half the repair costs required to fix the damage or a quarter of the penalty paid by the player s who caused the team damage, whichever is lower. You will NOT get experience for: Damaging an ally’s tank, even if said ally is “blue” i.

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Starting from Update 2. Read below for all the details. Legendary Camouflage In Update 2.

World of Tanks Blitz, the mobile app version of the popular tank action simulator, has finally arrived on Android. The update also brings with it cross-platform play with iOS, a new map, new crew skills, and large number of iconic British tanks. As a cut down version of World of Tanks, the app.

Impressive, some improvements should be made. Super fun, great strategy involved, however there are some very rude players that cant handle defeat. Also, the matchmaking system often makes teams quite unfair, making one team almost guaranteed to win, while the other has almost no chance to win. Overall, the graphics are pretty good for a mobile game, and over time they are very much improving. I really like how the graphics are adjustable so that even weaker devices can handle this game.

Since this game has started, the amount of available tanks has increased by a HUGE amount, and some balances and improvements have been made to tanks to make this game fair. A lot of people complain about the kv tank lines being too powerful, however they are balanced out by being quite slow, and their fire rates are slow, along with several weak spots that can be hit from the front.

And some use of strategy helps to take out tough tanks too.

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November 12, Meet Update 5. Download the new update and watch the intense battles between the strongest teams at the Blitz Twister Cup on November Take a deep breath and rush into Mad Games! Participate in tournaments and rating battles to earn Twister Coins.

Jedes Mal, wenn ihr “Ins Gefecht!” drückt, werdet ihr in die Warteschlange versetzt. Dort teilt das Matchmaking-System die wartenden Spieler den Teams zu, wobei.

However, when it comes to actually conquering objectives on ground and dealing with infantry, tanks are still at the heart of the battle. Hence, tank simulators are very popular in the video games industry. In short, this is a 7-vs-7 co-op battle in which two teams go head-to-head in order to conquer objectives or simply destroy each other until one of the teams is the last one standing.

You get to choose from a variety of tanks from all the great powers of the world, including Russia, Germany and China. On top of that, all of them can be upgraded with new components and improved, although that requires currency, which is earned by winning battles. Thankfully, the matchmaking engine can find you a match in a matter of seconds, even if the game is still in beta at this point.

Decent graphics and simple controls Although this is not a pure arcade game, the simulation is not on the level of the original game, since it would be a tad tedious, given the nature of the battles. As such, while the projectiles still follow a pretty realistic trajectory, everything else is much easier to manage and control. The controls are fairly simple as well, since all you need to do is use WASD to move around, the mouse to aim and shoot, as well as a few other keys if you want to use items or perform other actions.

In addition, the graphics are nice as well, although not as detailed as you might expect. This allows more people to enjoy the game, on the other hand, because the system requirements are lower as well. An addictive action game for semi-casual players Even if World of Tanks Blitz is not entirely newbie-friendly, it can certainly be approached by almost everyone, provided you go through the tutorial.

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Designed to take advantage of cross-device gameplay functionality, this new version of the hit mobile game will bring 7-vs-7 tank combat to Windows 10 mobile devices, tablets and PCs. World of Tanks Blitz has already amassed over 35 million downloads on iOS and Android, and has reached the milestone of over , players battling simultaneously across the world. The game will be optimized for a variety of Windows 10 devices, enabling players to fight together on the same servers regardless of the platform—iOS, Android or Windows Windows 10 PC players will have a separate matchmaking queue from mobile gamers, ensuring they have an equal chance of victory.

A World of Tanks Blitz Podcast News, reviews, tips, and information you can use to have more fun and get better at WoT Blitz – the best mobile war game on iOS and Android. Realistic World War 2 tanks, fast game play, and a great community combined with true free .

WoT Portal Update 9. The SU gets removed. Not to mention its brittle armor and low HP pool that often prevented it from fighting on par with its Tier IX peers. Medium Tanks The upcoming revision will form three MT lines, each built around a certain gameplay style. A new mini-line researchable from the T MTs with rear-mounted turrets: It will be added after 9. Initially, we were planning to remove the Object and build a line from two MTs with rear-mounted followed by another two with traditional turret placement.

However, Supertest results and your feedback pushed us to come up with an alternative setup: Heavy Tanks Update 9. Researchable from the KV , this bunch take after the IS-7 in the speed and armor departments and offer original gameplay that feels like a blend between the Kpw. VII and the IS Powered by your feedback, it stays at Tier IX and gets its own mini-line headed by yet another newcomer that will be added after 9. This is not a final setup, but rather iterative changes that will continue to be made based on your feedback from Supertests and Common Tests.

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This means that 7v7 tank combat will be available on all devices running Windows This includes mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Will players be able to save their progress when switching between two platforms or, for example, when playing on Windows 10 PC? All in-game content, progress, experience, gold and credits will be saved.

On this page, you can download any forbidden mods and cheats for World of Tanks (WOT) These modifications give you a slight advantage over opponents World of Tanks.

How Wargaming Sabotages Competition War Thunder Posted on by Silentstalker Hello everyone, more and more dirty laundry comes out on Wargaming lately and the more I learn, the more I feel disgusted and disappointed, even by Minsk. It all started with the former Russian community manager Dietolog specifically for World of Warplanes , who blew the case wide open on his blog. Dietolog is no longer an employee of Wargaming and seeing some events concerning War Thunder lately, he decided to come forward and talk.

It could also be his thirst of vengeance against Wargaming, who knows? Let me get back a bit. Remember when the conditions for being a community manager were leaked? The basic udea is that Wargaming-paid hate trolls were supposed to systematically attack Gaijin sites, forums, social network pages and fan pages and spread anti-War Thunder propaganda. Dietolog states that he did not participate in the subversive operation and only a month later, he left or was fired.

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