Enrique Iglesias saddened by impact of Hurricane Irma in Miami

Superstar Enrique Iglesias has been left heartbroken witnessing the damage Hurricane Irma has caused to his hometown of Miami, Florida.

The huge storm made landfall in southern Florida on Sunday morning (10Sep17), and caused strong winds and heavy rain to lash Miami, where Enrique lives with his longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova.

The Spanish singer appears to have decided against evacuating from the area, and on Sunday, he ventured out into the wet weather to take a drive around his neighbourhood.

Enrique shared short video posts of the destruction he witnessed, pointing out uprooted trees and debris, and showing the flooded roads to followers on Instagram.

"Wow. Oh man, it's really sad what's going on in Miami," he commented in one clip. "What's going on with this hurricane and all the lives it's affected... It sucks."

As residents in Florida and other nearby states braced for the hurricane last week (ends08Sep17), the Hero hitmaker shared a moving message with fans online.

"Everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Irma please stay safe this weekend!!!!" he wrote beside a satellite photo of the storm. "Thanks to everyone sending prayers for those at risk."

Enrique, a celebrity spokesperson for the Save The Children charity, then urged devotees to donate what they could to aid recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, which wreaked havoc across areas of Texas and Louisiana in late August (17).

"Let's also keep in our thoughts & prayers those in the Caribbean already affected (by Irma), as well as everyone in Texas rebuilding from Harvey!" he continued. "Save The Children has set up relief funds for survivors of both. Please consider donating."

Enrique's call to action took place days before the Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief telethon on Tuesday (12Sep17), when stars like Beyonce, Justin Bieber, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts will encourage members of the public to give what they can to boost funds for recovery efforts.

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