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The term “gunfighter” itself referred to those men in the American Old West who had gained a reputation as being dangerous with a gun. With men who had become accustomed to violence and often having lost their lands or fortunes, being quick with a gun was often an easy transition. The occupations of these gunfighters ranged from lawmen, to cowboys, ranchers, gamblers, farmers, teamsters, bounty hunters, and outlaws. Though about a third of the gunman died of “natural causes,” many died violently in gunfights, lynchings, or legal executions. The average age of death was about However, of those gunman who used their skills on the side of the law, they would persistently live longer lives than those that lived a life of crime. Most gunfights are portrayed in films or books as having two men square off, waiting for one to make the first move.

Barbara Brackman’s MATERIAL CULTURE: Civil War Patchwork: Hexagons for Re

This style was often seen in CS camps. Stands to reason that some were torn apart for plates just as the style were for bowls don’t you think. Makes a great small plate.

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A Photo Gallery dedicated to our troops that served.. When the photo album loads, click on the “Public Uploader” on the upper left hand side of the album and follow the instructions. A Photo Gallery dedicated to the reunions of our troops.. Dedicated to SCV members that have passed away. A Photo Gallery dedicated to battle reenactments and living histories. Do you have items owned by your ancestors or dating back to the mid s?

Do you like to use your metal detector to search for treasures? If so, please share it with us here. Click “Public Uploader” on the upper left hand side of the album and follow the instructions. The North Carolina Division has a headquarters camp for general membership which includes membership in the National Sons of Confederate Veterans. Take advantage of the opportunity to uphold the good name of your ancestor s and join this at-large camp. Males 12 years of age and older who are descendants of a Confederate veteran who served honorably for the Confederate states military are eligible to join.

Last Updated on Friday, 09 June If you did not get a chance to participate, we still need you to stay in contact with your elected officials.

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Overview[ edit ] Diagram of the Spencer rifle showing the magazine in the butt The design for a magazine-fed, lever-operated rifle chambered for the. Called the Spencer Repeating Rifle, it was fired by cocking a lever to extract a used case and feed a new cartridge from a tube in the buttstock. Like most firearms of the time, the hammer had to be manually cocked after each round in a separate action before the weapon could be fired.

A spring in the tube enabled the rounds to be fired one after another.

st Infantry Regiment 26th Infantry Division I&R Platoon, World War Two Living History Reenactors. The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword is dedicated to the presentation and practice of medieval history and Historical European Martial Arts.

We currently have stories with more being added every day Civil War Reenacting Fun 0 likes views Category: When I was 17 we had been going for many years and you get to know a lot of people. There was another family that were always at the same events, but from a different state and they had a daughter about my age named Amanda. By the time she was 17 as well she had filled out nicely and looked incredible in those old fashioned dresses with the corsets that squeezed her boobs together and showed a lot of cleavage.

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The limited (and queer) vision of American historical reenacting

If inspiration is the only reason for monuments, tear them down. The Washington Monument is the worse. And white to boot. Now that is really hilarious.

Nov 11,  · A memoir of Civil War reenacting This week’s post is outside of my normal scope of writing, but as I was going through my hard drive I stumbled across some great photos and some old newsletters dating back to my life as a Civil War re-enactor back in the early s.

I write for magazines. Most of them are made with glossy paper and filled with pictures of beautiful people with white teeth and flawless skin. Some smell like newsprint, and some not so much. I once wrote a feature story for Bloomberg Businessweek that began with this sentence: Maybe it was LitQuake in San Francisco? Best literary festival in the world, by the way. Check it out if you like books and people reading books.

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Blockade Runner Civil War Sutler Suttlery Page 26 Tin ware, cups plates boilers muckets.

Reenactor plays the fife at The Angle at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. American Civil War reenactments have drawn a fairly sizable following of enthusiastic participants, young and old, willing to brave the elements and expend money and resources in their efforts to duplicate the events down to the smallest recorded detail. Participants may even attend classes put on by event sponsors where they learn how to dress, cook, eat, and even “die” just as real Civil War soldiers would have.

Most reenactments have anywhere from to thousands of participants, portraying either Union or Confederate infantry, artillery, or cavalry forces. Some people, though uncommon, may portray Engineers or Marines.

Reenactors Dating Service. Moderator: Pirkka. Living history, period vendors, Confederate Ball (Saturday Night), church service (Sunday Morning). I would like to introduce you to CometChat – a Facebook style. “A favorite hangout And welcome to my American Civil War Reenacting Test.

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Kathy, 54, is a scantily-clad rock-n-roll cougar in Los Angeles who lives her life to the maximum and has a penchant for dating young musicians.

Gettysburg and Civil War Reenactors

Review the schedule of events where every weekend at Put in Bay is a new reason to have fun! Special events at Put in Bay start in April and run thru late October on the island. Event dates may change! Please contact your favorite event to confirm dates and times before making your travel plans!

That was just three years after he started reenacting in seventh grade. The first Civil War event he attended was at Malvern Hill, just outside of Richmond, Va., where he grew up.

There are no reliable surveys and scientific research seems to be non-existent, however, the antidotal evidence is pretty strong. Are the source of these Civil War ghostly tales the product of campfire tales told by reenactors as the camp over night at old battlefields? Or, is there some mysterious relationship between the reenactors, battlefields and spirits?

And, what are some examples of these ghost stories? Some Common Paranormal Reports From Civil War Reenactors Some of the most common reports from Civil War reenactors involve sight, sounds, smells and cold spots on the battlefield, even on warm sunny days. Many reenactors report the smell of gun powder even before battle reenactments begin. Other tell of cold spots near particular building.

During the Civil War field hospitals were places of horror. Antibiotics had yet to be discovered. A bullet wound to the arm or leg was typically treated by removing the wounded arm or leg. There was little in the way of anesthetics. After major battles often there would be piles of arms, hands and legs behind these field hospitals. Another report is of meeting or seeing unusual soldiers in and around reenactments. Both Union and Confederate soldiers have been reported and typically the story involves brief interaction with these mysterious soldiers and then finding they suddenly disappear as mysteriously as they appeared.

Spencer repeating rifle

You’ll see someone in a church record born on the 10th, but on their tombstone, it says the This problem shows up frequently in genealogical research. People reason away the discrepancy: They just didn’t keep good records back then.

American Civil War reenactment is an effort to recreate the appearance of a particular battle or other event associated with the American Civil War by hobbyists known (in the United States) as Civil War reenactors, or living historians.

Living History The Editor’s Comments: It happens every year, and it seems to be happening with greater frequency. The most disturbing fact is that it is happening with less and less respect for historical accuracy and period-correctness. It seems to have become a “point to be made” issue instead of a true attempt to portray accurate history. This is not my “opinion”, these are concerns voiced by commanders, event organizers, soldiers and officers, spectators and civilians.

I speak with hundreds of people at dozens of events each year, and this is a hot topic on and off the battlefield. They are thinking of making the move to the “other side”, or they’ve already “crossed over” and believe they’re doing a sufficient job. Some women meticulously study the topic and carry out the persona with great care and detail. Most, however, are blatantly inaccurate in their portrayal of a male soldier and become the topic of conversation in the camps, on the sidelines of battle and under civilian flys.

Unit commanders often admit to being frustrated and angry at having women in their ranks but, because 21st centry political correctness, keep quiet to keep the peace. Spectators, many of whom are historically knowledgeable, openly express distaste for the numerous women in the ranks that make no real attempt to disguise themselves. Their presence in camp is often resented by their fellow soldiers.

For a mydrid of reasons, women will continue to select a male soldier role as their impression, and you will continue to see it at reenactments.

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Civil War Rifles Places where you can find reenactor gear include: James Country Mercantile – Sew a uniform or a ball gown with patterns from this shop, which prides itself on Civil War accuracy. Many of their customers actually appeared in the Civil War film, Ride with the Devil. You can also purchase ready-made items, books and DVDs.

The art of Civil War reenactment is slowly fading away The number of reenactors filling the battlefields is diminishing due to age and scrutiny over honoring the Confederacy. Post to Facebook.

Other genealogy sites – http: National Civil War Artillery Association – http: Basic Facts Concerning Artillery – http: Battles — General About Education – http: American Civil War Battles list – Wikipledia – https: Battles can also be accessed by year and state.

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