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Another fuel injected mid-sized scooter to review! This big-wheeled scooters has been selling in other countries for a while now mostly as a cc but we seeing it in North America for the first time this year. Operating under the assumption that you are sick and tired of ME going on and on about safety, I thought you may want to hear it from some other sources and who could blame you. Review of the Kymco K-Pipe July, OK, it’s not really a scooter, but the Kymco K-Pipe is a wonderful fun little light-weight, small displacement motorcycle with a new-rider friendly shifter. Review of the Genuine Venture 50 May, Whew! It’s been almost a year since we climbed aboard a new scooter to review. This time we have a look at the new big-wheeled moped-legal liquid-cooled 4-stroke 50cc Venture from Genuine Scooters. There is, of course, a FaceBook page for the event, but the wise leaders at the aforementioned Scooter Collective have realized that NOT every single person on the planet utilizes FaceBook. The last time I checked, the events schedule was starting to fill out and there’s a local hotel with a block of rooms set aside.

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Thursday 28 October The initial, standing for Cumming not Chief and always written in green ink, was the mark of an eccentric character. In fact, Captain Sir Mansfield Cumming, who founded what became MI6 in and ran it until his death in , was the stuff of which fictional spymasters are made. He carried a swordstick, wore a gold-rimmed monocle and possessed a “chin like the cut-water of a battleship”.

He had an “eye for the ladies” and took children for rides in his personal tank. He enjoyed gadgets, codes, practical jokes and tall tales.

Lime — formerly LimeBike — launched the scooter share service with a demonstration Tuesday morning at a parking lot near the Bland Street light-rail station.

There were a spate of robberies within 90 minutes in south Manchester Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Eight people were robbed in 90 minutes by two men riding a red scooter across Didsbury, Rusholme, Ladybarn and Levenshulme first thing in the morning. Police are investigating the strange spate of attacks which happened within a two mile radius on Monday, September 4, between 4. In each incident the victims were threatened and robbed by two men on a red Honda scooter who were armed with a knife and a screwdriver.

Read More They then stole mobile phones, wallets and handbags. Both men were dressed in dark clothing and covered their faces with helmets to conceal their identity. It is thought the scooter may have been stolen from Fallowfield two days before the robberies took place. Detectives believe they are connected.

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Tweet One-Sixty for a pair of sunglasses you say?! Not much of a shock if you’re accustomed to sporting Oakleys or Vuarnets, I suppose. But I live walking distance from the Venice Beach boardwalk, home of the six dollar sunglass special. Literally thousands of Taiwanese knockoffs to chose from. Sit on ’em, lose ’em, who cares? They cost six flippin’ bucks.

Facebook Dating arrives in Canada and Thailand localhost:81 On the heels of Tinder’s plans to go more casual, Facebook is today expanding access to its own dating service, Facebook Dating.

Car meet at Hoover Dam in Columbus, Ohio Car clubs have been a form of gathering car aficionados for many years that focus a passion for a certain type of car or driving activity. Some clubs were large enough to be run as a paid business with salaried employees; in the s, some were sponsored by car dealers. Car clubs often host gatherings called “meets” which often also welcome interested non-members.

Car clubs also may engage in other activities of various types, including races , cruising , shows, “mod” days when garage equipment and service tools are available for members to perform and assist each other with DIY work, or community service activities. Meets are basically a time for the club to hang out with one another and to talk about cars and do normal stuff, such as bowling, eating, movies, etc.

Additionally, some car clubs have a “prospecting” status, where prospective members of the club meet with established club members, to assess their suitability within the club.

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Ihor Mosiychuk, a member of the opposition Radical Party who has previously started fistfights in parliament and been imprisoned on terrorism and corruption allegations, was injured when a parked motor scooter blew up as he left a television station on Wednesday night. His bodyguard Ruslan Kushnir, a year-old police special operations officer, took the brunt of the blast and died on the way to the hospital. Mikhailo Mormil, a year-old former lieutenant colonel in the interior ministry who was passing by, was also killed in the explosion, police said on Thursday.

Political analyst Vitaly Bala sustained injuries to his internal organs. Both he and Mr Mosiychuk underwent operations and were in stable condition. Other possible motives were Mr Mosiychuk’s political activities in Ukraine or a personal conflict, they said.

FRAME No BICYCLE DATING. HOW OLD IS MY BICYCLE? ‘How old is my bicycle?’ is a question I get asked a lot, nearly as much as: ‘I have a bicycle that looks like one of yours; if I send you pictures please can you identify it for me?’.

Two weeks after that, Scooter’s CEO Martin Landon sent an email to employees telling them not to return to work until further notice. The government audit found that seniors with no medical need for a power chair had nonetheless gotten one through the Scooter Store—an outcome due in part to the company’s skill at badgering doctors to prescribe its products.

The company, which according to bankruptcy filings, once had over 2, employees, now is gets by with just It has stopped selling chairs and stopped running its once ubiquitous TV commercials promising seniors they could not be turned down for a “free” power chair, courtesy of government health coverage.

Asked what will happen to the estimated 20, seniors who now depend on Scooter chairs to get around, a spokesperson familiar with the bankruptcy proceeding tells ABC News they shouldn’t worry. There are 57 centers in 41 states. A bankruptcy court today approved a motion by Scooter Store management to continue to honor the company’s obligations to customers. Longer term, says the spokesperson, it’s not possible to say what seniors should expect. Management’s intention, she says, is to sell the company.

It would be up to any new owner whether to continue in business or to liquidate. Callers to the Scooter Store hear a recorded announcement saying that the company “is currently unable to take any new orders at this time” and is taking only service calls.

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Tourists tend to flock to North Beach, while hipsters feel at home in the Mission District. Another unique aspect of 98 Turk is there’s no menu — just tell the bartenders a particular drink you like or what flavors you’re a fan of, and they’ll whip something up that’s sure to impress. The decor is half upscale, half rustic, with red silk fabric lining the ceiling and deer and moose heads located on either site of the bar.

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We can repair, and install mobility equipment in your vehicle right from the comfort of your home! There is no need to bring us your vehicle, because we will go to you! If you need to set an appointment outside of these times, please call or email to arrange a time. Experience SpecialNeedsVehicles — Adapt Mobility expertise in vehicle modifications ensures that your vehicle will be compatible with your lifestyle. Professionalism SpecialNeedsVehicles — Adapt Mobility is an authorized dealer for virtually all manufacturers of adaptive equipment.

Installations are completed by factory trained technicians and your vehicle conversion will feature the latest in technology and reliability. Peace of Mind hours per day, 7-days per week emergency service and repair. Full service preventative maintenance program on all adaptive equipment.

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But some social media users have responded with revulsion, claiming DateAnIncel. Some social media users have responded with revulsion. Twitter One positive is that women no longer need to google men before dating them. Just check if they are DateAnIncel and if so, run far, far away!

File a complaint about Online Dating Services. Read all user reviews about Online Dating Services. localhost:81 uses cookies. By using this website you are Im using my paypal account only for this transaction but Badoo did not inform me of the auto charge service. It is without my approval. This is very unethical business scheme.

Hauling prodigious cargoes on a motorscooter is common in many countries, but is somewhat more limited in the USA. Even within the modest and conservative guidelines placed upon cargo hauling in US states, the motorscooter can be laden with vast quantities of freight without compromizing safety and stability. A full shopping load comes easily withing the intended weight capacity of a cc scooter whose pillion seat is designed for well over lbs.

Under-Seat Storage Most Motor Scooters come with under-the-seat storage, some have a front glove box, and many may be fitted with a bolt-on trunk that also serves as a backrest for the passenger. The under-seat compartment and trunk are ostensibly capable of storing a helmet each, however, this is not true of full-face helmets which do not come close to fitting into either compartment. It may be seem convenient to store helmets away in this way but it is actually a dreadful waste of space.

Helmets may be safely cabled to the rack when the scooter is parked leaving valuable storage space for such essential items as an emergency Frisbee, maps, dictionaries, marmlade sandwiches and pickled onions. Passenger helmet bungied on the pillion seat While driving alone, a passenger helmet may be conveniently secured resting on the empty passenger seat — simply bungeed on if one is expecting to pick up a passenger in which case it should be easily removable for the passenger to wear , or cable locked if the scooter is to be left parked.

Simply setting the spare helmet on the pillion seat, cable-locked but unbungied, works just fine and the helment, though not really fastened in place is not inclined to go anywhere of course the cable lock would prevent it from going far.

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You might get more online dates if you looked for people similar to yourself. The researchers analyzed data gleaned from a free unnamed online dating service used widely in four major U. New York, Boston, Seattle and Chicago.

Uber jumps into Austin with its own brand of electric scooter By Katie Friel. SPONSORED BY. hyper-local dating service with an emphasis on quality matches was the key to dating success.

Etran Group chief executive Soranun Choochut introduces his Etran Promp, dubbed “the world’s first electric-innovative scooter for public use” Start-up to launch taxi service using electric scooters Corporate February 25, Etran aims to raise Bt million from a pre-Series A round during the next few months to kick off its e-transport solution in September, aiming to rent out 10, Etran Proms during the initial phase to motorcycle-taxi drivers who would like to switch to the electric scooters.

Drivers of Etran Proms will be provided with a smart card that they can use to start the vehicle, swap batteries, receive maintenance, and pay the rental fee, which will start from Bt3, a month. Charle Charoenphan, accelerator head at Digital Ventures, a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank, said accelerators would normally not provide support to hardware start-ups, since their projects would take time to complete. The company has signed an agreement with Summit Auto Parts to assemble the Etran Prom, which is designed to have a space between driver and passenger to reduce discomfort.

Motors and batteries will be imported from China. Battery swaps will take just one minute, compared with the five minutes it takes to refuel a petrol motorbike, he said. While there is a lot of support for fintechs, there is also the transport sector.

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Find the perfect business for you with our Business Ideas Tool. Business Overview A scooter rental business offers customers a fun and affordable option for short-term transportation. For most, scooters can be rented by hourly, half day, and whole day rates. Who is this business right for?

The AJS & Matchless Owners Club Limited caters for individuals and families who have an interest in either AJS or Matchless motorcycles. The club produces its own monthly magazine (called Jampot) that is distributed to over 3, members worldwide as well as having its own spares scheme to assist owners in keeping their machines in top working order.

Share this article Share They claim it takes only about three hours to charge the battery with the standard charger. The group believe that traffic congestion cannot be solved by eMobility alone. Instead, Scrooser aims to be more intelligent by moving riders through urban areas efficiently, saving time in covering short distances. Thieme added that one of the biggest challenges during the development of the Scrooser was the frame geometry.

The frame consists of two parts. Each half is formed from one piece by a process called ‘free-form 3D bending’. The design is a cross between a child’s scooter, a Segway, and a bike and lets the rider stand or sit. It doesn’t require a helmet or a licence to operate The stability is generated through the short successive radii and a high-strength aluminium alloy. In total the frame weights around 6lbs.

The group is currently perfecting the electronics of the progressive impulse drive electric motor while finalising manufacturing logistics.

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I’m just going through this to register the K. You have to show that import duty and VAT is paid then it can go on the NOVA – Notification Of Vehicles Arrival – system then to register it you have to show frame and engine numbers and date of manufacture. I understand that Suzuki GB don’t have records for the 60s and early 70s bikes or perhaps can’t be arsed – they could always look on Mraxls site! The VJMC ask for a couple of photos of the bike as well as the VIN plate and headstock stamp, plus the engine number stamping by photo or paper rubbing.

Speed dating has been overtaken; blind dates and lonely-hearts ads are a thing of the past. This maybe the next ” Shyno T-shirts” with SMS dating service. It works like this: for €38 (£25) you buy a T-shirt, from one of shops, with a nickname and number printed on it, which together form.

Lawsuits, firings, physical violence, vicious rumors spread, fake porn photos posted, extortion, home and car egging, threatening late-night phone calls, burning bags of poop left on porch, workplace bullying, and whatever else I can think up. Just know that your actions brought these things upon yourself, not me. While I’m not going to air our dirty laundry in public, let’s just say Sissy’s laundry was anything but clean, especially that purple thong which in itself would qualify as an EPA Superfund Site.

Combine that with her pathetic lack of patriotism , and it’s no secret why I moved out last week. Living by myself after being with someone for so long has been hard. Ultimately, I finally felt I was strong enough to move on with my life, so I made the decision to start dating again.

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