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In , Olivia was promoted to Lieutenant. When she was a sergeant, her badge number was and as a lieutenant, she no longer has a badge number. At the time of the rape, Serena had been working in the cafeteria of Columbia University. Benson’s mother, Serena, was an alcoholic who emotionally and physically abused Benson. Serena died from injuries sustained in a fall in when she was drunk, which left Benson deeply saddened. Benson has a half-brother, Simon Marsden. She didn’t find out about her brother until they were both adults after she illegally ran her DNA through a kinship analysis.

Mariska Hargitay

Comments and insights on the name Olivia: Edit I think of a bossy blonde white girl. High friends called me Liv, Livi or Livia.

She played the role of Sgt. Olivia Benson in another series called Chicago P.D. in the year Her role of Cynthia Hooper in a tv show called ER is also famous among the viewers. In the year , she portrayed the role of Didi Edelstein in Can’t Hurry Love.

The Hit on The Innocent online edition. In the story, she is a character that is mentally tortured, yet is still able to effectively operate in the field. Her most notable role in World War 3: The Hit on The Innocent: Nothing else is known about her childhood, but what is known is that she was originally the child of NYPD Detective and rape victim Olivia Benson, who originally named her Lindsey Benson, but after finding herself unable to take care of the child, she gave the child to the Coonz family for adoption.

Sometime after the year the year Team Misfit was created , she joined Team Misfit and during a mission in Afghanistan in , someone on the inside betrayed her and this led to her being taken prisoner by the Afghans and Anarchist Coalition.

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Character overview[ edit ] Series creator Dick Wolf named his two lead detectives after his son, Elliot, and his daughter, Olivia. For the first twelve seasons of the show, she is partnered with Elliot Stabler Christopher Meloni ; after he resigns offscreen at the beginning of season 13, she is partnered with Nick Amaro Danny Pino. She is tough, empathetic , [3] and gets emotionally involved in cases. That’s why they work so well together.

Lieutenant Olivia “Liv” Margaret Benson (born February 7, ) is the commanding officer of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. Prior to taking over SVU, Benson worked as a SVU detective and was partnered with Elliot Stabler for over twelve years.

Email Previous entries in the series can be found here. This is a big one. A brief Chris Meloni aside, before we get down to business: I love the guy, I really do. He looks like an angry, confused bald eagle. I love and accept him unconditionally. Stabler and Benson have a real thing going on.

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Jan 22,  · Where is Olivia emotionally right now? Olivia’s been in therapy, as we know, and is really trying to move past it. She is focused on not being a prisoner to people who have hurt her.

Crimes Committed Stole Charlotte Roberts’ identity after she ‘died’ when they were teenagers Seduced her mother’s husband to get back at her mother for putting her up for adoption [ ] Stole drugs from Tony Jones’s medical bag [Aug ] Drugged A. Quartermaine [Aug ] Dumped a drugged A. Quartermaine from the police [May to Nov ] Health and Vitals Nearly died of severe hemorrhaging when Michael was born [Dec ] Committed to a mental hospital after shooting Tony in open court [Apr ] Fell down the stairs at the Quartermaines’ during a fight with A.

She was checked and released at the hospital. She resented her birth mother, Bobbie Jones, for giving her up for adoption, and Carly wanted to destroy her mother’s life. Carly didn’t understand that Bobbie had been a teenager living in a brothel and prostituting to support herself. All Carly could see was the life that Bobbie lived now.

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Monica Amanda Rollins and Olivia benson have been dating for two months. What happens when Olivia’s exes come back to town. Specifically Alex Cabot and Casey Novak. Everyone knows Amanda has a bad jealous side. Not meant to be to serious, it might be a little humorous. So let’s just skip all the blah blah blah and say I don’t own svu or Amanda Rollins or Olivia Benson or any of that amazing shit

Olivia Margaret Benson is a fictional character on the NBC police procedural drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, portrayed by Mariska Hargitay. Benson holds the rank of Lieutenant and is the Commanding Officer of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department, which operates out of the 16th precinct.

Welcome to my highly subjective Rankling of the many loves of Livvy Benson What will we learn from this list? Well, for one thing, the SVU writers’ taste on Olivia Benson’s behalf is very similar to my own weird crush preferences. Granted, I really only thought Bill Pullman was a super-fox in While You Were Sleeping, and Harry Connick is about as un-cute on SVU as it’s possible for him to be, but at least from this couch, Benson’s notch list looks pret-ty damn impressive. But who’s the most impressive?

Let’s open that bottle of Cab and review the evidence. I’ve included the usually gents with whom Benson shared only meaningful gazes, so some of said “evidence” is circumstantial at best, but if you think I’m leaving Cabot Ellis Voight LLP off the list, you’ve never met the internet.

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Scenes with a district attorney[ edit ] Benson has thus far shared a scene with a district attorney twice: Special Victims Unit episodes “Shaken” and “Goliath”. Could someone explain the significance of this, or why it should be included? I’m not sure whose idea it was, But and forgive me for reversing this on you can you tell me what is what’s wrong with featuring this information?

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Showrunner Warren Leight tells THR where Benson is being transferred to and opens up about Barba’s “jealousy” about her relationship with Tucker.

Shepherd’s character, Jolene Castille, thought she was being pursued by a rapist and turned around to discover it was a teenager. Sofia Vassilieva appears in “Wonderland Story”, reprising her role as Sarah Walsh from season thirteen. Vassilieva first appeared as Walsh in the thirteenth season’s “True Believers”. Tony Award winner Billy Porter guest starred in “Dissonant Voices” as singing coach and television personality Jackie Walker, who was accused of sexual abuse by his students.

In “Military Justice”, Shiri Appleby made a special appearance as Amelia Albers, a junior officer who appeared to have been raped by her group of soldiers. Pablo Schreiber appears in “Surrender Benson”, reprising his role as William Lewis from the previous season finale.

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