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You will also need some specialized knowledge. We will try to present an overview of everything you need here if you have questions, ask them on the forums at www. These come in a wide variety of styles and quality, and you often get what you pay for. The cheapest are stamped from flat steel, and these often distort the jaws slip off each other before a good crimp is made. Remember that you will be relying on these connections every minute you are driving your vehicle, and under all conditions. You will want them to be as solid as possible, as deficient connections are often difficult to troubleshoot. You will need a digital or analog multi-meter that can check potential Volts , current Amps , and resistance Ohms. This is handy for shrinking heat shrink tubing over butt splice connectors or solder joints. You can do it with matches, but this will be slow and sometimes painful.

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First you need to go to junk yard and pull the engine EFI harness or complete system if you can. There will be a lot of extra things, don’t worry about them now grab it all as whole as you can. Couple things under dashboard are going to be near impossible and get all of, one is wire to VSS sensor if it is in the speedometer. Another is wiring to ALDL port, grab as much as you can and cut, we’ll get it all connected later. One wire goes all the way to fuyel tank for EFI fuel pump grab as much as you want.

Note: It may take up to 20 seconds for the transmitter to flash. If the transmitter does not flash when connected to the sensor, disconnect the transmitter and place it back in the charger to ensure it .

You can find this tutorial in Spanish here: The check engine light will be shining nice and bright on your car’s or pickup’s instrument panel. Your car or pickup won’t start. The engine takes forever to start extended cranking time and when it finally does, it runs very rough. Black smoke coming out of the tailpipe along with really BAD gas mileage.

The engine idles rough when running and has a lack of power when accelerated.

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Use the on-board, internal 4-bar MAP sensor Ext. Use an external MAP sensor that is connected to pin 19 on the options connector. Tuning Think of this guide as sort of a quick start guide, as well as an explanation of the unique features of the MSPNP2. If you’ve tuned another EMS system before, this process will be very familiar as the fuel and ignition tables will be very similar.

The MSQ file contains all of the adjustments and settings needed to run MegaSquirt on a particular engine. These let you back up your tuning or compare your settings with other MegaSquirt users.

May 15,  · afmafia wrote:do i need a intake temp senspr if i switch to a map setup. also how do i hook up a map sensor and an intake temp sensor? like how does the intake temp sensor go to the wires that were going to the maf, please let me know thanks. Yes you do.

The f-number of the microlens is determined ultimately by the width of the pixel and its height above the silicon, which determines its focal length. In turn, this is determined by the height of the metallisation layers, also known as the ‘stack height’. For a given stack height, the f-number of the microlenses will increase as pixel size reduces, and thus the objective lens f-number at which shading occurs will tend to increase. This effect has been observed in practice, as recorded in the DxOmark article ‘F-stop blues’ [15] In order to maintain pixel counts smaller sensors will tend to have smaller pixels, while at the same time smaller objective lens f-numbers are required to maximise the amount of light projected on the sensor.

To combat the effect discussed above, smaller format pixels include engineering design features to allow the reduction in f-number of their microlenses. These may include simplified pixel designs which require less metallisation, ‘light pipes’ built within the pixel to bring its apparent surface closer to the microlens and ‘ back side illumination ‘ in which the wafer is thinned to expose the rear of the photodetectors and the microlens layer is placed directly on that surface, rather than the front side with its wiring layers.

The relative effectiveness of these stratagems is discussed by Aptina in some detail. Medium-format digital sensors[ edit ] The largest digital sensors in commercially available cameras are described as medium format , in reference to film formats of similar dimensions. Although the traditional medium format film usually had one side with 6 cm length the other varying from 4.

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Contact Author Most coolant temperature sensors resemble a large nut with an electrical connector on top. Source The engine coolant temperature ECT sensor test is simple and can help you fix your car faster. You can do it at home using a digital multimeter and a cooking thermometer.

TPI Swapper’s guide: Part I, shopping for TPI parts. The Fbody rails have a 90° bend towards the drivers side for the “intermediate” fuel lines to hook up to, before going into the flex lines. You will need the Fbody rails if you want to use factory lines. used a Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. Due to the.

An absolute pressure gauge is bulky and expensive. Tell me about atmospheric, or barometric, pressure. The two terms are interchangeable. Atmospheric pressure at sea level on a standard day is approximately These various standards differ only in the units of measure used to express them. Does atmospheric pressure always stay the same? Two factors can make the atmospheric pressure vary. First, at an altitude above sea level the atmospheric pressure goes down, because the density of the air goes down.

Second, weather or climate can change the atmospheric pressure — high pressure or low pressure days. This is why the standard sea level atmospheric pressure is listed as being on a standard day.

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Fooling the map sensor with diodes or bleeds explained. Diode section, By Gary S. You must have a non-computer controlled wastegate to take advantage of this modification.

The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor measures the amount of passing air going through the air intake system. The sensor measures the amount of passing air with a resistive platinum wire that is placed in the air stream of the air intake system.

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A motion sensor light switch is great way of saving energy and helping out the planet by making your home greener and more energy efficient. A motion sensor light switch will automatically detect when someone enters the room and turn on the lights. Then, after a few minutes where no movement has been detected, the lights will then automatically shut themselves off.

If you’re the type of person that frequently forgets to turn off the lights when leaving a room, this type of light switch can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

The computer “sees” boost by providing the map sensor with a 5 volt signal and based on the amount of pressure (or vacuum) the sensor is reading returns a voltage between 1. to 5. volts. Now to hook the diode up you will need: A. a digital volt meter B. wire strippers or razor knife (be careful) Splice into the vacuum line close to.

How do you take out the emissions on an 87 Chevy ? Unbolt the fittings on the hoses off the metal tubes on the exhaust manifolds and the tube on the right side of the engine running to the cat. Use one of the hoses and two of the stock fittings to connect the right manifold to the cat’s tube to close it off. On the driver’s side, just cut the hose w…ith a fitting on one end to about 4 inches long, shove a big bolt in the open end, and secure it with a hose clamp.

Now unbolt the control valve s assembly attached to the right side of the engine the black box with hoses, wires, and tubes running to it. You can leave the wires from it detached, the ECU won’t care, just tie them up so the don’t get snagged on anything, but make sure you cap off the vacuum hose! The engine light may come on, but at least you know what it is. The air pump that drives the whole nightmare is down on the right side of the engine and has it’s own belt, so it can be romved without consequence or modifaction, just take off it’s belt and unbolt it.

It’s a pain to take off the brackets, so just leave them alone, they wont get in the way of anything, but you can if you must. I drove my 87 Caprice for about 8 months with this setup and never had a problem with it.

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Apr 15,  · I have built a MAP enhancer but I’m not sure about the hook-up. I have three wires coming out of the MAP enhancer. There is a ground wire, a wire coming from the toggle switch and a wire coming from two potentiometers with 33k resistors.

Trackback Trackback You can review your recent sonar history by mov- ing the cursor to the left until the screen starts to move in reverse. Blue sonar history bar Only active with Move the sonar history bar all the way to the right Downscan overlay to resume normal sonar scrolling, or press MENU Used to record Auto Sensitivity New waypoint Sensitivity Places a waypoint at your current position or Controls the level of detail shown on the display. From the new waypoint Too much detail will clutter the screen.

If Sensitivity dialog, you can input a waypoint name, select an is set too low, desired echoes may not be displayed. You will have to turn it off to make significant adjustments. When using a custom range, you Selects the deepest range shown on may not receive any digital depth read- the display.

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A MAP sensor is used to monitor your air intake system. MAP, which stands for manifold absolute pressure, and if its sensor fails, your car will stall or the idle will be very rough. In some instances your car may not even start. To get your car started again you will need to install a new one.

The boost relief valve is installed in the line to the map sensor. This line is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment and runs over the intercooler tube right behind the oil fill tube.

Physically install the MegaSquirt-II into the 40 pin socket. The 3×2 BDM header pins signify the end of MS-II that should be oriented nearest the edge of the main board where the copyright notice is i. The pins on the MegaSquirt-II daughter board are very stiff. If they should become bent in shipping for example , it is best to straighten them with a needle-nose pliers rather than try to bend by hand – they are stiff enough that you could end up snapping one off.

From a MegaSquirt-II partial kit: The assembly instructions for the partial kit are at V2. Wherever the assembly instructions call for the processor to be installed, you install the MegaSquirt-II daughter card in the 40 pin DIP socket instead paying careful attention to orientation. If you have a completed MegaSquirt: Pay careful attention to orientation.

Don’t forget to add jumpers for your application, as described below. If the jumper is only on 1 header pin, then you also have the operating program loaded, and if you plug in to a main board with a stimulator you should see the injector lights flashing, meaning the program is running. In most cases the jumper will be over both pins. This means only the bootloader program is loaded and you must load the operating program using Eric Fahlgren’s downloader program.

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